Our Objectives

The Foundation's objectives are to raise awareness on issues of neuro-rehabilitation in Mauritius and improve access to treatment and the quality of life of individuals with neurological disability. To do this, we hope to:

  • Enhance availability of expertise in neuro-rehabilitation, develop and distribute guidelines for best practice in neuro-rehabilitation at national and international levels;
  • Collaborate with the Government of Mauritius for the promotion of neuro-rehabilitation in Mauritius;
  • Offer guidance on infrastructure and accessibility;
  • Foster collaboration between clinicians and other stakeholders;
  • Facilitate exchange of knowledge and scientific research between clinicians and others with an interest in neurological rehabilitation at national and international levels;
  • Disseminate information through newsletters and conferences;
  • Organise training, teleconferences/webinars with international experts; and
  • Ensure that the appropriate support, equipment and aid are available;.
  • Provide neuro-rehabilitation services; and
  • To network and collaborate with other local and international organisations to reinforce and promote the above objectives