Pressure Cushion 

Transfer Belt 

Hand Strap 

Pressure Cushion


Pressure Ulcers 


  • It is manufactured from different densities of high grade foam allowing air to circulate freely.

  • It helps in distributing pressure evenly when seated.

  • It is lightweight, easily transportable and highly comfortable.

  • The cover is made of specialist polyurethane material which is water resistant and breathable. The cover is machine washable.

Available in 3 sizes : Small, Medium and Large.

  • Small: 16 x 15 inches (38 x 41 cm)

  • Medium: 17 x 17 inches (43 x 43 cm)

  • Large: 18 x 18 inches (46 x 46 cm)

User Instruction:

  • Maximum user weight: 120kgs provided that the user is in an appropriate wheelchair and on the correct size cushion.

  • Visual inspection of the cushions on a regular basis is important. Look for uneven wear or evidence of the cushiom hahaving bottomed out, in which case the cushiom shoud be replaced.

Note: The cushion does not eliminate the need for regular pressure relief. Users are required to learn about appropriate pressure relieving techniques



Available in 3 sizes : Small, Medium and Large. (Size of the person's waist - above their hip)

  • Small: 85 cm

  • Medium: 110 cm

  • Large: 130 cm






It is made with strong fabric with integral pouch secured by a velcro.

A Universal Strap is multipurpose, comfortable and easy to put on. 
It provides a secure grip for: 

  • Range of cutlery for feeding,

  • Combs to brush hair, 

  • Hold pens for writing, 

  • Tooth brush to brush teeth independently.

It can be used by left or right-handed users. 

Available in 3 sizes : Small, Medium and Large. (Measure the circumference of the palm from the centre of the hand) 

  • Small: 18 cm

  • Medium: 20 cm

  • Large: 22 cm

Typing straps


Typing strap is wrapped around the palm with a stylus and enable the user to independently use laptops, ipads and keyboards. 

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