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                                   Profile of SCI Peer Support Volunteer +Application Form


What is Peer Support Counseling ?

Support provided by peers i.e. people in similar situation to the person receiving the  support.

 “Peer” means “companion” or “one that is of equal standing of another”. Person with spinal   injury becomes a counsellor.


You can make the difference for another Spinal Injury Person

Do you have experience of living with a spinal cord injury (SCI)? Do you want to make a difference to others coming to terms with SCI? If the answer is YES! you have a unique opportunity to help others learn to live with SCI. Persons with SCI relate more easily with a Peer Counselor/Peer Support Volunteer.


Receiving support from someone who has first-hand experience of facing these same challenges often helps improve an individual’s confidence and self-esteem and can help them overcome other perceived barriers to living a fulfilled life after injury.   Sharing your experiences and supporting someone else as they come to terms with their injury could have a significant impact on how they rebuild their lives.     The ideal approach to comprehensive rehabilitation for a person with SCI  involves equal attention to both the psychosocial and physical aspects of care.


Role of Peer Support Volunteers (PSVs)

  • To give the Spinal Injury Person (SIP) a sense of hope and a new way of living.

  • To make them realise that a good quality of life is totally possible

  • By  acting  as positive role models, motivating and coaching the SIPs, the PSV facilitates SIPs to regain the sense of self value, improve their self-confidence, self-esteem and usefulness, reduce their feelings of isolation and empower them to participate fully in society post-injury.

  • Empower  SIPs to make choice and decision   and rebuild of human relationship

While bringing support to People with SCI, the Peer Support Volunteer will play a vital part in helping to deliver NEURAM’s Peer Support service. In fact, by increasing the number of people working in the role of PSVs NEURAM will be able to widen its reach and support a greater number of people affected by spinal cord injury.  Peer Support volunteers will thus help promote the work of NEURAM and will be strong and reliable representatives of the charity.


Your commitment as Peer Support Volunteer

In order to apply for this role you will need to:


  • Have experience of living with a spinal cord injury.

  • Be ready to complete an orientation and comprehensive training program.

  • Be willing to act as a Role Model

  • Have a good and relevant mix of skills/attributes.

  • Be able to attend training sessions organised by NEURAM at a suitable location which will be accessible for wheelchairs. 

  • Should be willing to participate in ongoing continuing education and skill development including ability to undertake online and refresher training when necessary.

  • Be willing to undergo a police clearance and obtain a Certificate of Character

  • Be willing to offer a suitable amount of time each month so as to undertake the duties of the role.

  • Be prepared to maintain close and regular communication with your appointed points of contact at NEURAM.

  • Be willing to travel (travel costs will be reimbursed).

  • Be prepared to adhere to NEURAM’s policies and procedures.

  • Be willing to commit to NEURAM’S s vision, mission, values and code of conduct.


Tasks and Responsibilities

Peer Support Volunteers will be expected to undertake the following:


  • To provide peer support either in person or via email and/or telephone- reflecting the communication preferences best suited to the needs of the service user.


  • With the prior agreement of NEURAM to visit patients with SCI injury in their home, in order to provide support to them and their families, providing them with information on services of NEURAM, and  on other verified sources of information  on neuro-rehabilitation , and working at all times within the policies and procedures covering this work. The Peer Support Volunteer will refer back to NEURAM those patients who need the services of NEURAM.


  • To provide newly injured SCI people with post discharge support in the community.


  • To encourage newly injured people, their family and friends, and those involved in their treatment and care to connect with NEURAM.


  • To attend exhibitions and events when required and agreed, helping to staff NEURAM stand and publicise the work of the organisation.


  • To maintain close contact with NEURAM and the Volunteer Coordinator, communicating any planned/unplanned absences as soon as possible so that cover can be arranged where necessary.


  • To deal only with referrals received via NEURAM, maintaining confidential and accurate records of all referrals dealt with in line with the principles set down in the Data Protection Act.


  • To submit end of month reports in accordance with established reporting procedures, detailing all required statistical and anecdotal information that will enable NEURAM to demonstrate the impact and difference volunteers make to the service and to service users.


  • To participate in the establishment and development of a regular ‘meet up’ group of Peer Support Volunteers, helping to facilitate group sessions in accordance with the guidelines agreed for this activity. 


  • To take and maintain a professional approach to the role, and be a strong ambassador for NEURAM and its work.


  • Wear the NEURAM’s badge when making visits helping to maintain a professional image



Skills and Experience

  • Understands English  and  French and be fluent in Creole language

  • Basic IT skills desirable (to send emails, skype, and type reports)

  • Has personal experience of living with a spinal cord injury and be a well rehabilitated spinal injured person who has  been successful in managing his/her own physical and psychological condition and should have demonstrated a positive community integration.

  •   Good evidence based knowledge rather than just speaking by own experience . Should have  basic knowledge of all aspects of management of SCI or be willing to be  trained to get this knowledge.

  •  Possess excellent communicating skills and be an attentive listener. (In Spinal Injury Person (SIP) peer-counseling, the key is to  listen to each other, with recognition of the significance of mutual listening)

  •  Be a person who can trust client and support his/her discharge of emotions.

  • Should remain aware of ethical principles and maintain professional boundaries and understand the limitations of the role at all times.

  • Is engaging and passionate about making a difference

  • Be willing to act as a Role Model

  • Is reliable and trustworthy

  • Is non-judgemental

  • Is approachable and able to share experiences in a suitable and informative manner

  • Is sensitive, considerate and empathetic  and show understanding of the adjustment process

  •  Should have the interpersonal and communication skills to collaborate with the  rehabilitation team.


What we can offer you

There are many benefits to volunteering; here’s why getting involved could be good for you!

  • Volunteering can help develop new skills and enhance current ones

  • You will gain valuable work experience to add to your CV and future job applications

  • Volunteering is a way of meeting new people and can help build confidence

  • It’s also a chance to give back to the SCI community

  • Getting involved could provide opportunities for you to engage with different aspects of NEURAM’S ’s work, such as campaigning or fundraising

  • We will provide you with any training necessary to the role

  • We will reimburse you for any out of pocket expenses (transport)

  • We will make sure that you feel well supported in your role

  • We will do our best to ensure your volunteering experience is both rewarding and enjoyable


Interested in making a difference? How to apply?

Please fill in the application form which appears below. You may contact us on          5 840 8877 or email us at

The closing date for submission of applications is 9th April 2018.  

Please find the Application form for Peer volunteer in the word document below :

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