The Foundation's objectives are:

  • Raise awareness on issues of neuro-rehabilitation in Mauritius;

  • Enhance availability of expertise in neuro-rehabilitation, develop and distribute guidelines for best practice in neuro-rehabilitation at national and international levels;

  • Collaborate with the Government of Mauritius for the promotion of neuro-rehabilitation in Mauritius;

  • Offer guidance on infrastructure and accessibility;

  • Foster collaboration between clinicians and other stakeholders;

  • Facilitate exchange of knowledge and scientific research between clinicians and others with an interest in neurological rehabilitation at national and international levels;

  • Disseminate information through newsletters and conferences;

  • Organise training, teleconferences/webinars with international experts; and

  • Ensure that the appropriate support, equipment and aid are available;.

  • Provide neuro-rehabilitation services; and

  • To network and collaborate with other local and international organisations to reinforce and promote the above objectives

The Council 

The Council is the decision making body of the Foundation and is comprised of 7 councilors.

  • Conduct the affairs of the Foundation in accordance with this Charter, with the Article of the Foundation, if any, and with the Act;

  • Administer the assets of the Foundation ;  

  • Carry out the object and purpose of the Foundation;

  • Generally supervise the all management and conduct of the activites of the Foundation; and

  • Exercise such other duties, as may be specified in the Articles of the Foundation, if any, or authorized by way of Resolution.  

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